Nas Readies New Album For Summer Time

It seems like veteran rapper Nas is preparing to release a new album this summer. During a gig at Vain Nightclub in Orlando over the weekend, Nas made the announcement to clubgoers. “Death to all snitches,” he said before adding, “2015, new album this summer.” Check it out below.

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A Guide To The Baltimore Riots [Tumblr Edition]

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Yesterday, in Baltimore the family of 25-year-old Freddie Gray was buried, but that wasn’t all. Baltimore residents who have been frustrated and suffering from police brutality for a long time finally said enough is enough. As much as I want to condemn the people for rioting, I can’t because of the intolerable conditions that still exist in our society. Where the only way they can express their frustration is through rioting. Peaceful protesting got them nowhere. Check out some information that News and other media outlets are not showing you below.

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A new song from Ciara’s upcoming album”Jackie,” has surfaced online.Ciara takes it to the bedroom on her seductive new song “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” which is now available on iTunes. Ciara sings about getting on with her man on her latest tune that you can check out below. Continue reading